15.09.17 David Grissom - Albatros Bordesholm _ That's Music

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David Grissom

ich habe schlechte Nachrichten. Durch den Tod von Davids Manager, Michael Norton, der mir die Tour seinerzeit bestätigte, hat es diverse Komplikationen gegeben, so dass David die Tour absagen muss:

The European musicians I’ve used in the past are not available in September. Additionally, I have commitments here that I would have to cancel during that time frame, so I have to cancel the dates in Germany.

This is terribly unfortunate situation on several levels for everyone, and I can only offer my sincerest apologies. I did make it very clear to Mike and Elia Norton in early December that I would need to cancel, given that Mike was no longer able to manage the details or book additional dates, and heard nothing further about this until I got an email from Patricia Vonne last week saying she saw dates advertised.
I have no new CD, press pack, or promo materials at the moment. I’ve been operating under the assumption that the tour was off, and have taken sessions and gigs here.
I will need to find a new agent here, and I hope we can move these dates to a later time and really be prepared so that it is a success for everyone. I ask for your understanding, and again offer my deepest apologies.

David Grissom

Es tut mir sehr leid, es liegt allerdings nicht in meiner Macht. Bereits gekaufte Tickets können natürlich zurückgegeben werden.

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